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Options For Tipping Astrology Readings

As we wind down to close out yet another year the topic of holiday tipping comes up in many circles. It really depends on the field of service you utilize during the holiday season or throughout the entire year.

Uber does not allow tipping of their drivers and has introduced compliments to say thanks. Lyft has the tip option at the bottom of the payment option so you can choose an amount or not. The driver does not know who the tips come from.

Restaurant chains add a tip into the bill. Pizza delivery is added to the bill, but that does not go directly to the driver.

Many websites have a virtual tip jar with the choice to donate a set amount every month to keep the site clear of advertising. Other sites have the Paypal button displayed for whatever amount the visitor deems fit.

I have only had Astrology readings over the phone and the thought of adding a tip was not really something I had considered. What I have done is left a review on the Facebook page for the Astrologer with a rating. If the Astrologer is listed on Yelp you can choose to do a review there as well.

For an in-house reading like a Tarot reading I would check before making payment to see if there is a policy listed somewhere at the location or maybe at the website when making the appointment.

In this day of social media sharing to other sites and live video on many of them it would be beneficial to give feedback to your fans, followers and friends through the same venues. The next step would be to tag them or post a link to their website or Facebook page letting them know you are sending people their way.

On Instagram there are shout outs, giveaways and contests that connect Etsy stores to their followers. I really like the community feel of these and might try to start something similar.

The most important part is to remember to say Thank You for the services that were rendered.

An Intro To The Signs Via Their Elements

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Gemini ~ Known as the Twin ~ natural ruler of the 3rd house, covers communication, traits include high strung, restless. There are two sides to their personality. Ruling planet is Mercury. The mode is Mutable. They are flexible. Their opposite sign is Sagittarius.

Libra ~ Known as the relationship sign, natural ruler of the 7th house, covers partnerships, charm and elegance. They love all things of beauty. Ruling planet is Venus. The mode is Cardinal. They are romantic. Their opposite sign is Aries.

Aquarius ~ Known as being aloof, natural ruler of the 11th house, covers groups of people, humanitarians and forward thinkers. They are eccentric. Ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn. The mode is Fixed. They are detached. Their opposite sign is Leo.


Capricorn ~ Known as the responsible sign, natural ruler of the 10th house, covering social status and public image. They are cautious and ambitious with a steady driving force to succeed. Ruling planet is Saturn. The mode is Cardinal. They are stable. Their opposite sign is Cancer.

Taurus ~ Known as the Bull ~ natural ruler of the 2nd house, covers wealth and personal assets. They are loyal, productive and sensual. Ruling planet is Venus. The mode is Fixed. They can be stubborn. Their opposite sign is Scorpio.

Virgo ~ Known as the Virgin ~ natural ruler of the 6th house, covers day to day life, health, hygiene and fitness. They are organized, nervous, detail oriented. Ruling planet is Mercury. The mode is Mutable. They are modest. Their opposite sign is Pisces.

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Aries ~ Known as the Ram ~ natural ruler of the 1st house, covers the self, personality, appearance. They are head strong, first at anything, energetic. Ruling planet is Mars. The mode is Cardinal. They are impatient. Their opposite sign is Libra.

Leo ~ Known as the Lion ~ natural ruler of the 5th house, covers pleasure, hobbies, creativity and offspring. Ruling planet is the Sun. The mode is Fixed. They love the limelight. Their opposite sign is Aquarius.

Sagittarius ~ Known as the Centaur, natural ruler of the 9th house, covers religion, travel and higher learning. They are the Philosopher. Ruling planet is Jupiter. The mode is Mutable. They like adventure. Their opposite sign is Gemini.


Cancer ~ Known as the Crab ~ natural ruler of the 4th house, covers home, family life and real estate. Ruling planet is the Moon. The mode is cardinal. They are nurturers. Their opposite sign is Capricorn.

Pisces ~ Known as the Fish ~ natural ruler of the 12th house, covers seclusion, institutions and subconscious. Ruling planet is Neptune. The mode is Mutable. They are sensitive. Their opposite sign is Virgo.

Scorpio ~ Known as the Scorpion ~ natural ruler of the 8th house, covers death, sex, taxes and other people’s resources. Ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. They are intense. Their opposite sign is Gemini.