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Spring Into Aries Season


A great way to begin a fitness routine at this time of year is by purchasing a new seasonal outfit so your skin can feel the warmth of the Sun on your exposed arms and legs. A new pair of sneakers in vibrant colors gets you motivated to want to hit the pavement each day while enjoying the spring air.

With Mars being the ruler of Aries this is the time to amp up your daily pace of activities to get more goals accomplished. It is the perfect season for pursuing your favorite sport such as tennis or golf, or taking in a baseball game or in the stands at an auto racing event.


The enthusiasm of an Aries person is contagious and can be the motivating factor in encouraging the other signs to pursue their ambitious endeavors, taking the challenge head on to seek more adventure in their daily living. It should be duly noted that an Aries is impatient and does not like to stand around waiting; this is an action oriented person. Everything is fast paced from their walking, talking and thought process.

Enjoy the ride ~ Take on a challenge ~ start something new ~ get outdoors

By the way ~ I am an Aries