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About Us

Midlife Astrology covers the Midlife stage according to astrology transits for the age range of 38-65. 

Guide with Astrology and Motivate with Fitness is how I live my life.  As an astrology lover and fitness fanatic, I decided to merge these two topics into one website to inspire and encourage the Midlife age group and to bring awareness to their cycles that everyone in this age group will experience.  I am almost 60 and have been maintaining a fitness routine since the age of 44.

My name is Bonnie Sayers -  I am a single parent to two adult sons on the autism spectrum.  I have a passion for astrology, a love of fitness along with a drive for learning and exploring new things.   I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others and it is my goal to empower, mentor and guide you through these journeys.

My training has included the following:

  • Spirit Junkie - Gabby Bernstein
  • Astrology Hub
  • Master the Tarot Card Meanings
  • Intro to Medical Astrology
  • Decode your Cosmic Blueprint
  • Astrology 101
  • Getting Stronger with Saturn
  • Daily Forecasting Workshop
  • The Mobility Method
  • 5 Steps to Launching your Astrology Biz

Topics will include - Transits, Progressions, retrogrades, eclipses, midpoints, stelliums, natal aspects, synastry, picking a gym, fitness classes, outdoor cardio, starting a gym routine, taking part in group challenges and much more.

I am a member of the following Astrology organizations:

  • Int'l Society for Astrological Research
  • Santa Monica Astrology Meetup
  • The Organization for Professional Astrology
  • Association for Young Astrologers
  • Cosmic Intelligence Agency
  • Association for Astrological Networking

Welcome and thank you for spending your time here.  You can contact me via the social links -  send me a message on Instagram.



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