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Astrology on the go with Time Passages Pro

Time Passages is an app from AstroGraph Software that is for Apple products to download from iTunes. There is a free version and a paid one that is known as Pro for $30. I started out with the free version for a few years utilizing it on my iPod iTouch.

This small investment has enabled me to have seventy-five charts on hand with the option of adding many more as time moves forward. When I hear of the death of a celebrity or other type of famous person I immediately go in search of their birth data and then input the details for a chart. Charts can be categorized as follows ~

Celeb, Event, Family, Friend, Miscellaneous and Client

An exciting time for parents is when their newborn arrives. They document the time of birth, date, and stats of their baby. This is a great learning tool to gain further insights into astrological charts. I have listed a few babies when I come across someone posting a newborn picture.

When a birth time is unknown there is the option for a sunrise chart. You can go in and edit charts as well. A picture can be taken to add for the person or selected from your library, otherwise their sun sign glyph will be the photo.

Once you have input all the data you have a chart, planets and horoscope buttons to choose from at the bottom of the screen within the chart page. At the main page the selections are ~

Chart, daily horoscope, transits, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Progressions, Compare Charts, Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign.

I have learned so much over the years by using this mobile app version of their software. The best part is that you do NOT need to have an internet connection to get transits or put up a chart.

This is a capture of some of the celebrity charts I have on my mobile device. The other picture is of my own chart page on the app.

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The app is perfectly suited for the beginner and intermediate astrology lover to learn about your natal chart, compare your chart with a celeb crush, relative or someone you just met and to see your progressions. You will learn about the meaning of each planet as it passes through the twelve houses within your chart and the numerous aspects the transits make every single day. The app can be found on iTunes or at